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MotoBailey build the best looking, workplace & bar friendly, and female attracting motorcycle boots in the world. The world's 1st Kevlar lined motorcycle boot.


Launched in Canada in 2013, Resurgence Gear entered the market with an innovative protective lining material PEKEV®, which was the result of around ten years material and design research. We became masters of our craft when we were developing motorcycle jeans for other brands. However, during this period we soon became dissatisfied with the absence of style and subpar levels of protection that these brands were offering.

As a result, we found ourselves on a mission to design motorcycle clothing that gave the highest level of protection in combination with comfort and style. We aimed to produce motorcycle clothing that was as comfortable to wear on and off the bike, without taking away from the fundamentals of protection offered by PEKEV®, retaining its super high strength and high levels of resistance to abrasion.

At the end of 2013, Resurgence Gear submitted the Voyager jean to a European Union approved test laboratory, Satra, for testing and certification for the European motorcycle clothing protection standard of CE EN13595-1. The aim was to achieve the coveted Level 2 status. As of 2014, the Voyager jean not only surpassed the CE EN13595-1 testing pass score for the key abrasion resistance, seam burst and impact cut resistance measures, but blew them apart. The jeans pass the 4 seconds abrasion resistance for level 1 and the 7 seconds for level 2.

The motorcycle jeans have currently exceeded all of the other tests with an amazing record of 10.83 seconds. Achieving its full certification for both men and ladies, which are also a first recorded for the ladies jeans. This was followed by a cargo trouser using PEKEV® lining, the Cruiser. This, too, was submitted for CE EN13595-1 testing and has equally achieved a level 2 status, with an impressive 8.17 seconds abrasion resistance.

We’ve continued to innovate in both design, style and protection and now have a wide variety of jeans, trousers and jackets which all combine the innovate PEKEV®lining with a sense of comfort and style.