The All New Wardill 4 (Prototype)

The Wardill 4,  designed and built to continue the story started almost 100 years ago, we have built on the foundations laid by our ancestors to create a modern vintage motorcycle taking the rider back in time.

T45 Steel Frame Motorcycle


The frame forms the core of the motorcycle made from T45 aviation strength steel, hand formed and tig welded by craftsmen based deep in the Welsh Valleys, each section is hand cut and placed in bespoke forms to exacting standards. These are then brought together to create a bespoke frame around which the Wardill motorcycle is assembled


Designed to emulate vintage girder forks the triangular form is typical of that found on 1920’s motorcycles, our forks have been brought up to date with precision laser cut steel and a custom adjustable damper ensuring the Wardill 4 meets all modern safety standards.

Wardill4 Girder Forks


Built around a traditional timber buck, the tank is manufactured from four individual sections of 2mm thick aluminium, these are then hand formed using a combination of hand beating, and rolling through an English wheel, it is then hand welded and pressure tested before being painted and polished to a mirror finish.


No vintage motorcycle would be complete without an all steel ridged frame, relying solely on the springs in the seat ensures the Wardill 4 emulates as closely as possible the riding experience that of the original Wardill, ensuring the rider enjoys a thrilling ride.

Hard Tail ridged