The 1927 Wardill 3

Originally established as The Wardill Motor and Cycle Works in Carshalton, Surrey, England by Henry Wardill Snr in 1903 to repair and maintain cars, motorcycles and bicycles. Later becoming The Wardill Motorcycle Company ltd in 1927 by Henry Jnr and Percy Wardill to produce the Wardill Motorcycle with its revolutionary patented supercharged Engine. Built on core values of quality and style the Wardill Motorcycle proved its worth both on the road and track.

Fast forward to the present day, Mark Wardill a direct descendent of Henry Wardill is re-launching the Wardill brand, with a brand-new motorcycle; the Wardill 4, using the same core values as the original motorcycle, every bike will be meticulously hand built from the bare frame to the paint to perfection, in our new workshop.

Using modern design techniques, aviation quality steel, combined with vintage styling to provide an unrivalled raw riding experience, giving the rider a direct connection with the road.

Your Wardill motorcycle, can be tailored to your specification with an unlimited pallet of paint colours, and a wide range of saddle leathers to create a bike that is as unique as you.  Crafts people using a combination of traditional skills and modern technology will work together to produce a motorcycle of the highest quality.

In 2018 after an absence of 91 years the Wardill brand has re-launched with the introduction of the Wardill 4, paying homage to the silhouette of the Wardill 3 the last bike made by Henry and Percy, we have merged the style of their motorcycle with modern technology to produce a new and unique bike.

Behind the Wardill Motorcycle lies a very committed and dedicated Welshman destined to put the Welsh Valleys back on the map for its production of a truly magnificent motorcycle built with determination, hard work and dedication.

Wardill Motorcycle Company, creating unique bikes destined to make you stand out from the crowd.